European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP)

Strengthen strengths together

For the European aviation industry, it is becoming increasingly important in global competition to make the best possible use of one's own innovation potential. To strengthen its strengths, the BBAA participates in the EACP.

The European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) is a network of European aerospace clusters established in the frame of CLUNET, a PRO INNO EUROPE project that encourages the sharing of experiences and that supports the implementation of concrete projects regarding cluster innovation and development policies.

The EACP aims at initiating an active exchange of information and knowledge between all partners and at developing and realizing concrete steps for long-term trans-national cooperation between clusters and companies for a stronger and more competitive European position in the world aerospace markets.

The EACP is organized as a partnership based on Letters of Intent. It provides the opportunity for each member to participate in one or several working groups that aim at solving common challenges and contribute to the development of each member cluster to achieve high-level performance by developing and realizing various joint projects.

The EACP network operates in an informal, decentralized and flexible way that is based on an organizational set of continuous working groups, temporary project consortia and bi- or multilateral ad-hoc partnerships. The main objective resides in improving the global competitiveness in Europe through intense inter-cluster collaboration.

Detailed information on the activities of the network, its members and working groups can be found on the EACP home page

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