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Aviation Industry in Berlin-Brandenburg

Starkes Netzwerk. Starke Region

The capital region is among the top three most important aviation technology regions in Germany. It is necessary to ensure this progress continues and further strengthen the Berlin-Brandenberg region as a high-quality region.

As the trade association for the aerospace industry, the Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz actively brings together actors from economics, science and politics at the regional, national and international level.

Our Projects

European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP)

For the European aviation industry, it is becoming increasingly important in global competition to make the best possible use of one's own innovation potential. To strengthen its strengths, the BBAA participates in the EACP..

Innovation Alliance for the Development of Low Emission Aircraft Engines (IBEFA)

Environmentally-friendly mobility is hot topic all around the world. There are now professional and well-tested solutions for cars, railways and even ships. Low emission air travel, however, has just barely got off the ground.